Hub Mask

This thermoformed mask is for medical professionals in a hospital setting that have access to bacterial/viral filters with at least one 15mm (interior) diameter end.

Ordering Information

For information on ordering Hub Masks contact Robert Thompson of Mississippi Polymer Institute (MPI) at (601) 818-2420.


  • Mayku PETG Cast sheets
  • 3D Printed mold for initial casts
  • More permanent molds if making multiple masks


  • Thermoforming Machine
  • 3D printer
  • Scissors

Estimated time per mask

  • 3D printed mold 13-20 hours
  • 1min 45sec per mold (sheet heated to molded to mold release)
  • 5 mins cutting mask from plastic mold
  • 2 min sewing per strap for mask
  • 2 min assembly

Step 1: Print the 3D mold

Download the STL file.

Directions for Slicing for Ender 3.

Step 2: Thermoforming

Step 3: Removal from mold and add weather-stripping as necessary

Download PDF cut instructions.

Additional resources

Making additional molds

Cotton Strap Instructions

T-Shirt Strap Instructions

Labor Outsourcing

  1. Local quilters and seamstresses jumped in to help make straps
  2. OR staff cut the masks out of the sheets and assembled in-house for hospital staff


This project was a collaboration of medical professionals at Hattiesburg Clinic and Forrest General Hospital (FGH), faculty/staff/students at the University of Southern Mississippi, and community members.

The University of Southern Mississippi Faculty/Staff/Students

  • Dr. Anna Wan – Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Director Eagle Maker Hub (EMH)
  • Bryan Ross Porter – Shop Technician EMH
  • Tori Brulte – USM EMH Student Worker
  • Dr. Monica Tisack – Director of Mississippi Polymer Institute (MPI)
  • Ty Posey – Senior Scientist MPI
  • Robert Thompson – Assistant Director MPI
  • Sara Bayley – Test Service & Quality Leader MPI
  • Kevin Vanek – Studio Technician, Adjunct USM School for Performing and Visual Arts

Medical Professionals

  • Dr. John Fitzpatrick – Nephrologist, President of Hattiesburg Clinic
  • Dr. Joe Hand Campbell Jr. – Chairman Department of Anesthesiology FGH, Board of Director Hattiesburg Clinic
  • Dr. Steven W. Stogner – Pulmonologist and Intensivist, Medical Director of Critical Care FGH, Vice President of Hattiesburg Clinic
  • Dr. Brittany Coberly – Director of Respiratory Therapy FGH

Hattiesburg Community

  • Pine Belt Quilters: Martha Ginn, Bonnie Bolt, and Sue Helms
  • Claire Schroeder
  • Dede Dove
  • JMH Graphics – shirt donations